Hello World!

Today was the beginning of our European adventure! We Left the Dulles Airport around 7:30PM EST and arrived in London-Hethrow about 1:00AM EST. We quickly rushed through security and barely made our flight to Nice which was only two hours long. We arrived in Nice around 4:30AM EST (11:30AM CET). Because of the quick transfer of airplanes, a handful of people’s baggage did not make it on our flight, so we decided to go and eat lunch in the city and walk around while the luggage came in on the next flight and was taken to the hotel. We had a guided walking tour of the old city at 3:30PM CET, which was informative but we were all exhausted. We then took the hour long trek up a mountain to the Hotel du Baou, took a quick shower, and ate dinner. Dinner consisted of three courses: a tomato salad, beef stroganoff, and an apple pie for dessert. After dinner we all crashed in bed after a very exhausting day.


The Team